Sunday, November 4, 2012

03 - In to the Subway

Dropping in to a narrow section
  Once we descended to the canyon floor, we put on our wetsuits and packed dry bags.  The canyon narrowed with several sections of wading, swimming, and rappelling.  It was a gorgeous hike and an amazing experience.
The upper Subway
  Eventually we descended from the canyon in to the upper Subway where water has carved the rock in to a wide tunnel.

  Arriving at the final waterfall, we rappelled down to the Subway proper and found photographers hard at work at the end of the line for hikers doing the route bottom-up.  

  The Subway itself was gorgeous and we spent almost an hour photographing, eating lunch, and changing out of wetsuits.
The Subway - Zion
Exit the Subway Tunnel
  Exiting the Subway, we hiked for another couple of hours out of the canyon and in to the warmth of sunlight.  All in all it was a full day hiking from sunrise to sunset.  Well worth it.
In to the sunlight

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