Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Science Friday Venus Transit Contest

My Transit of Venus photo on Science Friday Photo Contest

  I've been struggling through the intricacies of getting my videos to show up on Google search.  For how easy people keep saying this is, it really isn't.  I guess that's why web optimization is such a big business these days.  But, the root of my problem is that I just found out all my embedded Vimeo videos use the new header page that (finally) allows them to work on mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad, but which amazingly make them invisible to the horde of Google spiders crawling the web for search mapping.  Google isn't too concerned with the plight of Vimeo users since they own YouTube, but I would think that Vimeo would be working harder at rectifying this.  But, the good news is that while following my video stats this morning to see where people are actually able to find my stuff, I saw a new blip on the radar coming from the Science Friday website!  Booyah!

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