Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Encore: A Hazy Conjunction

I went out for a follow up video as the planets Venus and Jupiter approached their conjunction and nearest visible separation of 3.0 degrees.  There was a light cloudy haze over the Great Divide, but the planets still shone clear.  Unlike the first video, the moon is no longer up while the two brightest planets are setting.  That is why the mountains are so much darker then in the first video I made.  Also unlike the first video, I was able to capture both planets in the viewfinder at the same time which is awesome!

  Oh, and I'm not really sure what the blue/purple bar is in two of the frames of the movie and my video thumbnail, but I'm guessing that it's my turned off headlamp the few times when I needed to walk in front of the camera.  Whatever it is, it's a neat effect.

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