Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mount Audubon

Before I got all distracted by a forest fire raging in the foothills of Boulder, I had gone on a wonderful sunrise hike up Mount Audubon with my Uncle and a couple of people from work. Leaving the house at 4am, we headed up to Brainard Lake and began the hike under clear skies and bright stars. I did not have my camera at the time, but I managed to get a few pictures on other cameras and transfer them to my computer.
Reaching the saddle along the approach to the summit, we paused to eat breakfast and watch the sun climb above the horizon to greet the day.
Me on the summit at 13,221 feet, bracing myself against the wind.
Mount Audubon is situated East of the continental divide, and inside Indian Peaks Wilderness. To the North, in the picture above, is Rocky Mountain National Park and Longs Peak.
At the summit, we hunkered down for a while in one of the wind shelters built from the rubble composed peak and ate handfuls of trail mix and a power bar or two. In the back are the rugged peaks of Indian Peaks Wilderness, and Caribou Lake, where Shondia and I had backpacked several weeks earlier.
Indian Peaks Wilderness from the summit of Mount Audobon.

Looking back up at the summit on the way down. Mount Audubon is a fairly easy hike and a good place to get a view of the land and plan future summits.

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